A Room with a View: Pure Yoga

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The short list on my Hong Kong to do list is always long. Spending time with family, looking for new places to see, eating lots of dim sum, seafood and Hong Kong specialties and yes, Hong Kong is a paradise for deluxe, fast fashion, vintage and reseller finds. Of course, after retail exercise, it’s time for yoga.

Pure Yoga on the 15th floor of the Peninsula Tower, just five minutes from my hotel Butterfly on Prat is a place of tranquility. Immediately I forgot about the rush and my to-do list. Overlooking the harbour, Hong Kong Island and other small islands nearby, the eclectic sounds of the city disappeared.

With a good teacher who walks around and gives advice, the one and a half hour restorative yoga class time felt amazing. After class, I felt centered and signed up for another yoga class the next day.