Dubuffet in open air

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Art is often shown at a distance without possibility to touch, because of security or a barrier. In the Rijksmuseumtuinen stand a dozen figures of Jean Dubuffet on fields of green. These vibrant coloured sculptures invite you to come closer or walk around to see every angle.

During a tour, the curator explained that the French artist explores the human between culture and nature. Some of these statues are smaller versions of monumental ones. “The Group of Four Trees” in New York and Monument with “Standing Beast” in Chicago are part of the urban environment.

One of the Dubuffet art pieces is open to public. “Banc Salon” is a functional art piece, where you can sit down and admire the “Cerfs volantes of this Frenchman in the sky.

More Dubuffet? Stedelijk Museum presents Dubuffet’s Art Brut in paintings, notebooks, scribbles, smaller sculptures and graphic art.


Until October ,1 / 2017 in the Rijksmuseumtuinen, free entrance www.rijksmuseum.nl

Jean Dubuffet “The Deep End” until January 7, 2018. www.stedelijk.nl