Closer to Scott Schuman

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Every time in Paris or London during Fashion Week, I bumped into a well-dressed American with a camera. He is one of the first fashion photographers, who chose the streets as fashion runways and showed his portfolio online. Quickly this online photo album became a style bible for the fashion industry. His name is Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist.

I always wanted to be closer to The Sartorialist. Thanks to Amsterdam Curated I got my “golden ticket” to the Q&A and book signing of his second photo book “Closer” in &Foam Amsterdam.

On a cold January evening, &Foam was packed with journalists, bloggers, fashion editors and followers, who are interested in the secrets of becoming and being an online influential. The American is very eloquent. Just simple questions and he gives elaborate answers enthusiastically.

I like the way he portrays people. They seem to be at ease and the total image is just like an editorial page. Sometimes the model walks about in their rush to another fashion venue or a meeting or they pose. A perfect shot, capturing the moment or the so-called ‘in between’ moments, always beautiful with integrity. He has a keen eye on fashion and great sense of style.

“Closer” The Sartorialist Penguin Books