Hong Kong Skyline

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Best way to do a tour on Hong Kong Island, is to just take the tram and see where you end up. Try to get the seats in front on the upperdeck for the best view, and Instagram-worthy images.  

Friday Food: small talk with Kiko Martins

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Always around March / April every year, a lot of foodies flock to Lisbon for the great culinary event Peixe em Lisboa. Fortunately I was there too to have a small chat with one of the most gifted chefs of Lisbon, Chef Kiko Martins. Born in Brazil and with a love for food and travel, he ...

How to be Parisian, Scene One

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Here I am, sitting with a café au lait and a croissant On a sunny terrace What is it? I thought That I too want to look like a Parisian? On that idea Books can be the solution Effortless chic Parisian attitude, bravery and flair As always the answer lies in this new book Radiant and rebellious as Caroline de Maigret I adore Style with a ...

A Room with a View: Pure Yoga

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The short list on my Hong Kong to do list is always long. Spending time with family, looking for new places to see, eating lots of dim sum, seafood and Hong Kong specialties and yes, Hong Kong is a paradise for deluxe, fast fashion, vintage and reseller finds. Of course, after retail exercise, it’s time ...

Hello Hanoi

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Going to Hong Kong often, I always like to visit another country or city nearby. Thanks to an inspiring and fun conversation, Hanoi is my next stop. A great starting point to see and be in Hanoi is the Ba Dinh District or the French Quarter with meandering streets near the Hoan Kiem Lake. During nighttime, ...

Cityscapes in Film

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Travel destinations I really love are big cities. To cite a film, I enjoy being in “Bright Lights, Big City”. A midweek London, Berlin or Paris to visit museums and go vintage or thrift shopping. Or go East to Hong Kong to visit family, eat a lot and almost 24/7 shopping fun. Every time I go ...