The Romanovs & the Russian Revolution

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Royalty can be mesmerising and the Romanovs were the last Russian royal family. The Hermitage Amsterdam presents “1917: Romanovs & Revolution .

In 1913 Russia celebrated 300 years of Romanovs dynasty. And who could have foreseen all the things happening in 1917 and beyond? This exhibition unfolds the last years of the Romanov reign in 250 objects about the love and life of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their 5 children.

This exhibition starts with a replica of the Passage, a landmark of Saint Petersburg. Founded in 1848, this Passage is an élite department store on Nevsky Avenue. Window shopping show the grandeur through time and history. Jewels made by crown juweler Fabergé, books of Tolstoy and Dostojevski, theatre posters, cityscapes by photographer Bulla, Léon Bakst’s costumes and propaganda posters by Malevitsj and Majakovski are displayed.

In the other rooms historical documents, family snapshots and drawings show an intimate portait of the Romanov family, living their idyllic lives in the small village Tsarskoje Selo, withdrawn from public life. Meanwhile the real Russian society during his reign was a total opposite of their lives.


until September, 17/ 2017