William Eggleston: an American Storyteller

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London’s National Portrait Gallery is featuring a retrospective of photographer William Eggleston. This exhibition showcases more than 100 works of Eggleston’s long career from the 1950s up to the present day. The American artist is usually referred to as the father of colour photography.

The self-taught pioneer captures every day life in his hometown of Memphis, Tenessee. In a way he chronicles events with a keen eye on narrative. His way of portrayals is remarkable, for example the picture of two teenagers in a red car sitting next to each other enjoying a soda from a fast food restaurant. You can feel there is a tension and you can fill in the blanks yourself, allowing many possible interpretations. An ordinary scene is outstanding and intriguing by timing and framing.

Daily life, set in an America’s past and present is illustrated in a poetic and cinematic way. Not only I am intrigued by his visual storytelling, Eggleston also has inspired filmmakers including Sofia Coppola and David Lynch. Guess that Eggleston’s portraits will be a grand source of inspiration for future filmmakers and storytellers.

William Eggleston Portraits is at the National Portrait Gallery, London until 23 October, 2016

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